HALF PRICE!! XL Planted Terrariums


  • XL luxury terrariums
  • Supplied with our specially blended terrarium substrate
  • Supplied with mature plants for instant impact
  • Lots of smaller ferns and pilaes supplied too (min. of 10 plants with each kit)
  • Easy to set up and maintain
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Surprise your loved ones this Christmas with a stunning gift – these 12 litre planted terrariums are sure to become focal points of any room in which they are placed.

We supply you with a hand blown glass 12 litre glass terrarium with a dimater of 25cm and height of 35cm. Crucially the top has an extra large opening for easy access when planting/maintaining your terrarium. The terrarium comes with a cork base and cork plate as a stopper for the top to keep your mini self-contained ecosystem thriving.

In this kit you will also get our specially blended terrarium substrate mix which provides both nutrients and a perfect balance of drainage and water retention as required to keep a terrarium looking its best.

Complete set up and care instructions (simple and very low maintenance!) are included with the kits.

Choose from 3 different designs:

Maculata Marvel

The centre piece of this display is a large begonia maculata ‘Wightii’ showing off it’s narrow green leaves spotted by dashing silver white polka-dots with contrasting red undersides. In the background are the dark shiny green leaves of peporomia obtusifolia and the foreground features the dainty striped trailing tradescantia vine. Also supplied with some small ferns and pilea spruceana.

Amazing Alocasia

Featuring a large alocasia sporting striking spear-head shaped dark green leaves criss-crossed by lighter coloured veins. The impressive vine-like Epipremnum pinnatum can be seen climbing in the background and the foreground is decorated with a dainty striped trailing tradescantia. Also supplied with a minature prayer plant and some small ferns and pilea spruceana.

Hemionitis Heart Fern With Love!

The hemiontis ‘heart fern’ is the centre of this display with its deep green heart shaped leaves erupting from the centre of the arrangement. The background is a mixture of forest ferns featuring dainty light green fronds, and the foreground is brought to life with a colourful tradescantia ground hugging vine

The feature plants are all as described as above plus you will receive a minimum of 6 smaller plants (ferns, pilea etc), giving you an instant impact terrarium, without needing to wait months or even years for them to grow (most plants grow very slowly in terrariums).

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