XL Planted Terrarium


  • XL luxury terrariums
  • Supplied with our specially blended terrarium substrate
  • Supplied with mature plants for instant impact
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Fantastic gift idea
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These 12 litre planted terrariums are sure to become focal points of any room in which they are placed.

We supply you with a hand blown glass 12 litre glass terrarium with a diameter of 25cm and height of 35cm. Crucially the top has an extra large opening for easy access when planting/maintaining your terrarium. The terrarium comes with a cork base and cork plate as a stopper for the top to keep your mini self-contained ecosystem thriving.

In this kit as well as a mix of plants ready to make an instant impact terrarium, you will also get our specially blended terrarium substrate mix which provides both nutrients and a perfect balance of drainage and water retention as required to keep a terrarium looking its best.

Complete set up and care instructions (simple and very low maintenance!) are included with the kits so you will be able to create a beautiful planted terrarium similar to those pictured.

Choose from a fully planted terrarium or just a plain glass terrarium container


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