Windowsill Mini Greenhouse for Plug Plants With Special Mix Compost


  • Perfect for establishing plug plants
  • Includes our ‘special mix’ compost – ready for planting
  • Made from injection moulded robust plastic
  • Adjustable humidity vent
  • Lid can be removed once plants grow too large
  • Measurements – 22cm long x 18cm wide x 12cm high
  • Manufactured in the UK

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The ‘Mini Greenhouse for Plug Plants’ has been designed to sit on your windowsill and give the best possible start to the plug plants available on our website.

Manufactured in the UK from robust plastic, with a shatterproof lid, make it resistant to bumps, knocks and drops. Ideal for growing on plug plants until they are more established and ready for ‘planting out’ or for those who don’t have much space but are still keen gardeners. The lid has an adjustable ventilation wheel so you can get humidity levels just right.

Measurements – 22cm long x 18cm wide x 12cm high Made in the UK

Also included is our new and improved specialist mixture for establishing plug plants.

This specialist mixture of 100% organic substrate will help your plug plants establish themselves fast! The new formula has enough nutrients to keep your growing plants fed for 4 weeks.

A perfect ratio of perlite has been added which aids drainage and nutrient storage.

Used by organic farmers all around the world for many years.

Specially designed 1 litre bags (approx.)


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