Water Retaining Gel Powder 5g


  • Massively increases soils water retention
  • Drastically decreases watering frequency
  • Non toxic and biodegradable
  • Simply mix contents of packet into compost
  • 1 packet (approx 5g) is enough for 3 mint plants
  • Sodium free, potassium rich
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Ideal for use with damp loving plants such as mint herbs
Used by large scale nurseries, this professional quality product is one of those best kept secrets which ensures top results with minimal effort.
Simply add the crystals to compost, mix thoroughly and then plant and water. The crystals absorb hundreds of times that own weight in water, and then allow plants to draw on that reservoir as they need it.
This massively reduces the need for manual watering in hot weather, and even more importantly helps to ensure plants never suffer from dehydration and water stress- the most common cause of plant deterioration and death in container and hanging basket growing.
Completely safe to use, and non-toxic, full instructions are included on the sachet label