Wasabia Japonica Mephisto® Red Wasabi


  • Spicy Japanese vegetable
  • Root can be made into wasabi paste for sushi
  • Leaves are ready for salads in a few weeks
  • Supplied as a large plug plant
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Wasabi is usually associated with the spicy green paste served alongside sushi. Well now you can grow and make your own wasabi paste. What is less well known is that the leaves are delicious in salads and can be ready for harvesting in just a few weeks.

Supplied as a large plug plant ready for planting out

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Wasabi loves damp shady conditions. Plant out in a damp shady position - can be grown in a large pot or even as a striking looking houseplant if placed in a cool shady position and kept damp.
Once the plant has established (in a few weeks) you can selectively harvest the leaves to add some spice to salads. The rhizomes from which 'wasabi paste' is made usually take 12-18 months to grow.


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