Wall Hanging Flower Pouch With Water Retaining Gel Powder


  • Add some life and colour to walls and fences
  • Easy to use and quick to establish
  • No need for brackets – just hang on a hook or nail
  • Can be used for flowers or vegetables (strawberries)
  • Water retaining gel powder included

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Add life to garden fences and walls, posts, gates, railing, decks and anywhere else you find could use a little splash of colour.

Flowerbags are an outdoor planter, designed to maximise space and grow beautiful flowers or vegetables.

How to plant up your flower pouch:

1.    Mix slow-release fertiliser and the water retaining powder into a general purpose compost

2.    Fill the pouch, ensuring the compost gets right into the corners and firm it down (don’t pack it really hard though)

3.    Lay the flower pouch down flat and seal the open end with a clothes peg

4.    Push fingers in slits and gently push plug plants (flowers or dwarf beans/tomato/strawberry plants) in and firm compost around the roots.

5.    Leave one plug plant square and pot up in a 3” pot to use later (see point 9)

6.    Water each plant in and leave clothes peg on

7.    Key tip! Leave the pouch laying flat for a few weeks until plants are fully rooted. You should be able to tell by looking at the plant growth. (By leaving it flat for a few weeks you allow the roots to establish and spread and keep the compost in place)

8.    Once the plants are established and growing well, remove the clothes peg, turn the right way up and hang. Choose a sunny wall or sturdy fence

9.    Now pop in the potted plant you kept back, right into the top of the pouch to ensure really good coverage

10.  Water regularly and enjoy the display or crop


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