Vinca Minor – Lesser periwinkle ‘Verino®’


  • Vigorous evergreen mat forming perennial
  • Ideal ground cover plant
  • Reddish purple flowers
  • Shade tolerant ground cover with dark green, glossy foliage
  • Supplied as well rooted plug plants
Delivered in 2-4 working days.


A vigorous, evergreen mat-forming perennial with small glossy deep green leaves. The Verino® variety with its reddish purple flowers gives interesting variety when compared to the usual blue periwinkle.

This lesser periwinkle makes an ideal weed-suppressing carpet in borders especially in drier areas where many other plants struggle.

Supplied as well rooted plug plants.

Delivery Details

In stock for immediate dispatch

Delivered in 2-4 working days.

Can be planted out upon arrival in summertime.
Pot up your plug plant into a 9cm pot and grow under cover until it has fully rooted through when it will be ready for planting out in final position. Whilst growing under cover ensure that the compost doesn't dry out and it will benefit from fortnightly feeds with a general purpose fertiliser.
Flowers best in full sun but will thrive in shady conditions too.
Easy to grow and requires little attention once established.
Final height approx 20cm - spreading ground cover


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