Verbena bonariensis ‘Royal Dreams’


  • Loose clusters of bright purple flowers on strong stems 
  • Compact variety suitable for smaller spaces 
  • Attracts summer butterflies and winter-feeding birds 
  • Flowers June-October 
  • Supplied as a well rooted plug plant ready for potting on 
  • Final height/spread 60 x 40cm 


With its graceful stems of glowing purple flowers held in loose clusters, its attractiveness to butterflies and low maintenance requirementsVerbena bonariensis has rightly become a very popular choice in the UK in recent years. However, originally you needed quite a large space to grow them properly, as the stems could reach 1.5m or moreBut at only 60cm maximum height, the new variety ‘Royal Dreams’ is suitable for even the smallest gardens. Potted up now and grown on over winter, this plant will provide a beautiful haze of summer colour, with the flower stems emerging out of a rosette of base leaves. Unlike their taller cousins, no need to stake, just enjoy as local butterflies congregate, and the architectural winter seed heads encourage bird life into your garden. A fantastic introduction which makes a great plant even more accessible to all, mingle with ornamental grasses and other summer perennials, or dot along border edges. 

Delivery Details

In stock for immediate dispatch. Expect delivery within 3-5 working days

Pot up immediately on arrival into a small (10cm) pot, and place in a warm, very sheltered position outdoors, or preferably an unheated glasshouse or conservatory. Keep moist, but not wet over winter, and plant out in early spring into its final position. Cut flower stems hard back in late winter to encourage new growth

Prefers sheltered position in full sun and well drained soils. Especially suitable for wildlife and gravel gardens.


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