Tomato Shirley

  • Cold tolerant popular UK variety
  • Early cropper
  • Easy to grow and disease resistant
  • Heavy yields of excellent quality fruit
  • Supplied as a plug plant

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A popular variety for growing in the UK due to its resistance to cold and early cropping. Shirley can be grown outdoors in a grow-bag with no extra protection once the last frosts have passed.

An easy to care for and disease resistant tomato plant which should reward you with heavy crops of excellent quality fruit.

Supplied as a plug plant


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Pot up your tomato plug plant into a 10 litre pot or grow-bag and place in a greenhouse or conservatory (You can use a smaller pot on a sunny windowsill until the plant outgrows it). Once established you can grow these tomatoes outside in a sunny spot.
This is a cordon variety of tomato so make sure to pinch out side shoots and to stake the main stem.
Keep well watered at all times and especially once fruits begin to set - consistent moisture levels help prevent cracking and premature dropping of the fruit.
Fertilise once with any general purpose feed when first planting and after fruits start to set use a tomato plant fertiliser every 1-2 weeks to help get the best crop.


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