Thyme citriodorus ‘Goldy’

  • Bright golden/green foliage
  • Highly scented
  • Excellent culinary herb
  • Prefers sheltered, free-draining and sunny conditions
  • Supplied as a well-rooted plug plant
  • Final height/spread: 20/40cm
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Most of us are familiar with thyme as wonderful culinary herb, used in stuffing and various meat dishes.

We’re delighted to offer an unusual and exceptional variety, which not only has a highly aromatic lemon fragrance- so is a perfect partner for chicken recipes- but also looks stunning.

With a striking golden hue, the bright green leaves of this cushion-forming perennial hits all the right notes with your senses: an eye-catching display all year round, fills the air with refreshing scent whenever brushed past, and adds real zing to your cooking!

Perfect for rockeries, decorative containers and pots in sunny positions, with a final height/spread of 20/40cm

Supplied as a well rooted plug plant

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Care instructions

Unpack immediately on arrival and ensure rootball is fully hydrated by immersing in a saucer of water for 15-20 mins.

Plant into a 9 or 10cm diameter pot, preferably using a loam-based (‘John Innes’) compost, or add 10% horticultural grit sand to improve drainage.

Grow outdoors in a sunny and sheltered position. Plant into its final position in mid-Autumn. Suitable for container-growing or free-draining soils- add horticultural grit sand before planting to improve drainage.