Sunflower Sunrich F1 Orange

  • Stunning high-performance sunflower with a contrast-rich centre
  • Large stable pollen-free flowers
  • Velvety orange petals
  • Flower diameter: approx. 15 cm
  • Excellent cut flower
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A stunning large headed sunflower with a contrast-rich dark centre and velvety orange petals. These sunflowers will give you gorgeous pollen free flowers in about 10 weeks. The wonderful orange petals are a welcome contrast to your standard yellow sunflowers. Also is particularly suitable as a cut flower being strong and stable in a vase.

Supplied as a well rooted plug plant for growing on

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Pot up your plug plant and grow under cover until it has fully rooted through when it will be ready for planting out in final position.
Plant out in their final position after last frosts in spring. Before planting out, dig a hole to accommodate the root ball and line the hole with well rotted manure or similar garden compost.
Grow in fertile well drained soil in full sun in a location sheltered from the wind.
Stake and tie plants during the growing season, water regularly. When planting several sun flowers together space them out with 80-90cm between plants.
Final height and spread: 150cmx40cm.


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