Strawberry F1 ‘Rosana’®

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  • Ever-bearer strawberry fruits all summer long
  • Decorative pink flowers
  • Trailing habit
  • Supplied as robust 3.5cm plug plants
  • Plant up immediately to establish plants this autumn

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If someone told you that you there’s a hanging basket plant that was easy and reliable to grow, had striking yellow-centered cerise flowers and a fantastic trailing habit, produced an abundance of mouth-watering fruit right through the summer months, and was so easy to propagate from that all your friends and family could soon also enjoy this amazing plant from cuttings you supply, you’d understandably think “That’s too good to be true”

WRONG! – introducing Strawberry F1 ‘Rosana’- a ground-breaking recent introduction taking the gardening world by storm.

The bright pink flowers, set against dark green foliage, make a lovely display in their own right, but then give rise to bright red cone-shaped fruit with a distinct and simply delicious wild strawberry taste. Being an ‘Ever-bearer’ type, unlike traditional varieties, which can overwhelm you with a feast, and then a disappointing famine the rest of the year, ‘Rosana’ will provide a steady supply from late May right through to the first frosts.

Supplied as well rooted- plug plants, simply pot up direct into a plastic-sided hanging container (which will help retain moisture during summer months), keep in a sheltered and sunny spot outdoors, and look forward to an ‘unbelievable’ summer in 2021!

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Open immediately on arrival and stand the rootball in a saucer of water for 15-20 minutes to ensure the plant is hydrated.

Pot up straight into final container, 3 plants per 12 inch (30cm) pot/basket, or individually into a small 9 or 10cm diameter pot. Grow outdoors in a sheltered but sunny position, watering as necessary – do not allow to dry out. Plants should be well established before winter and dormancy sets in. Feed regularly from spring time to ensure good crops – a high potash liquid tomato feed is ideal, applied as per instructions. Pick regularly to encourage further fruiting. Cuttings can be taken from mid-summer


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