Stevia – ‘Sweetleaf’ or ‘Candyleaf’

  • Incredibly sweet leaves 
  • Healthy herb 
  • Tender perennial– treat as a houseplant over winter 
  • Supplied as a well rooted plug plant 
  • Curiosity plant – great as a talking point 
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Stevia Rebaudiana ‘Sweety’

More than a hundred times sweeter than sucrose, the leaves of this South American plant can be used as a healthy alternative to sugar in baking, drinks and cold dishes. Also has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. A small, bushy and tender shrub, it prefers a shady spot outdoors during the summer and is best brought indoors every autumn. Leaves can be dried, made into a syrup, or used fresh for a milder taste. A curiosity and great talking point! 

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Ensure the rootball is fully hydrated by placing in a saucer of water for 15-20 minutes immediately on delivery, then pot up into a small (approx. 10cm ) pot using good quality compost. Stevia is a tender perennial so is best grown on a sunny windowsill until well established, potting up again in spring and early summer as necessary. Can be placed outdoors ins shady spot from mid June- early September, but acclimatize slowly. Do not allow to flower if leaves are wanted as a sweetner. Feed occasionally and re-pot annually


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