Spiraea Japonica ‘Shirobana’

  • Deciduous flowering small shrub
  • 3 different coloured flowers on 1 bush!
  • Prolific flowering throughout the summer
  • Robust and tolerant to pruning
  • Supplied as a large well rooted plug plant
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This deciduous shrub with its bright green leaves on slender stems is commonly known as ‘Joseph’s Coat’ due to its highly unusual habit of producing three differently coloured flowers on one bush! A prolific flowerer, you will enjoy white, pink and red clusters of flowers throughout the summer.

Can be planted in borders or large containers

Supplied as a large robust well rooted plug plant.

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Delivered in 2-4 working days.

Can be planted out upon arrival in summertime.
Pot up your plug plant into a 9cm pot and grow under cover until it has fully rooted through when it will be ready for planting out in final position. Whilst growing under cover ensure that the compost doesn't dry out and it will benefit from fortnightly feeds with a general purpose fertiliser.
Prefers full sun or part shade in well draining moist fertile soil.
Can be cut back in autumn after flowering.
Final height x spread 1-1.5M


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