Sempervivum – Houseleek 15 Plants Carpet Display – REDUCED!!

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  • Decorative striking, rosette forming succulent
  • Drought tolerant and easy to grow
  • Spreads easily by producing new rosettes
  • Supplied as 15 robust well rooted plug plants
  • Pictures are of various sempervivums
  • Can be grown in an unheated conservatory
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Create an instant stunning pot display (as pictured) with 15 sempervivums or place them among your borders for an eye catching carpeting effect
This decorative succulent has striking rosettes which deepen in colour as the plant matures, giving wonderful contrast to other plants.
Drought tolerant and easy to grow, they prefer well-drained soil. Great in rock gardens and for edging borders. Perfect in decorative bowls and containers either outdoors or in an unheated conservatory.
Spread by producing ‘offsets’ which can either be left to create dense mats of beautiful ground cover, or removed and planted up to create new displays.
In good growing conditions they produce short flower spikes which are very attractive to bees and butterflies.
Each rosette can reach 15cm diameter. Supplied as a 15 well-rooted plants ready for potting up or planting direct in their final position

Interesting Fact

The name Houseleek derives from when folk used to grow them on their house roofs in the belief that they would ward off evil spirits and protect them from lightning!!

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How To Care For Your Sempervivum

Pot up into a 10cm diameter pot, using a loam-based (‘John Innes’) compost. Prefers free draining growing medium, so add proximately 10% by volume sharp sand or grit Prior to planting. Firm in well and water in. Top off with a layer of decorative gravel.
If planting direct in the ground, loosen the soil, and add a generous amount of sharp sand or grit to improve drainage. Do not plant in heavy soils.
Prefers full sun. Fully hardy