Red Hot Poker


  • Unusual eye-catching perennial
  • Fiery kaleidoscope of colours in orange and yellow
  • Quick to establish
  • Makes a great cut flower
  • Supplied as plug plants ready for planting out
Delivered in 2-4 working days.


Kniphofia Uvaria ‘Flamenco’

A prized eye-catching perennial.

Red-Hot Poker Plant – The name aptly describes the flowers. The florets begin as red and then they progressively change upwards, from red to yellow, leaving you with a flaming torch of red on the lower end and bright red on the top!  As the plant establishes it gets further rosettes of leaves with more flower stems annually.

The flowers are highly attractive to pollinators.

The sword shaped leaves often last throughout the winter making a point of interest even when the magnificent flowers are not on display!

Supplied as plug plants ready for planting out.

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Delivered in 2-4 working days.

Plant out in fertile well draining soil (doesn't like chalky soil) in full sun. Can also be grown in larger containers but make sure they don't dry out in hot weather. Use a general purpose fertiliser every 4-6 weeks until established. Deadhead after flowers have died.
Use an insulating mulch over winter especially during particularly cold snaps and when the plant is still young. It is also useful to add some horticultural grit around the roots to aid drainage during the winter.
Remove dead foliage in spring once the risk of frost has passed.
Clumps can be divided in spring
Eventual height x spread 80x80cm


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