Pilea Spruceana ‘Silver Tree’

  • Interesting small houseplant
  • Perfect for planting in terrariums
  • Easy to care for
  • Easy to propagate
  • Supplied as an XL plug plant
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This is a charming petite houseplant which will look good on a windowsill or it is a perfect low growing terrarium plant.

Textured oval shaped greeny brown leaves overlaid with metalic silver striping give this plant its unique appearance. In the wild it grows as a creeping vine along the jungle floor and it is easy to prune into shape at home or to use a low growing terrarium plant.

Supplied as an extra large plug plant ready for potting up or planting directly into your terrarium

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Delivered in 3-5 Working Days.

Keep indoors away from drafts and radiators - these plants like bright indirect light.
Keep the soil moist but do not let the plant sit in water.
Perfect for growing in a terrarium


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