Pet ‘Snack Bars’ & Nibbles

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  • Healthy, fresh willow pet ‘snack-bars’
  • Contain naturally occurring compounds shown to improve animal health
  • Top quality, sustainably grown English willow, specially selected and harvested by hand
  • Hand-crafted into beautiful, premium treats
  • Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small furry friends
  • Packs contain 1 x 18cm snack bar and a 20g bag of loose ‘nibbles’

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Introducing “PET-ZEL STICKS” –  the ultimate 100% natural, healthy treat sticks for your small pets.

Sustainably grown English willow- wellbeing for your small pets, wellbeing for the planet

Willow has known health benefits for animals. Unlike inferior competitors, this is FRESH willow, hand-harvested and crafted into a beautiful and tasty ‘snack bar’.

As well as being a tasty and nutritious food source which many wild animals feast on, Willow contains naturally occurring health-giving compounds which can reduce pain and swelling, so can improve overall wellbeing of your favourite pet. In addition, chewing on the bark helps keep teeth sharp and healthy, and gives meaningful and enjoyable activity by allowing your pet to express their in-borne instincts to forage and prepare their food from natural sources.

Grown on  the beautiful and ecologically important wetlands of the Somerset Levels, coppiced Willow (‘Salix’) is perhaps THE most sustainable crop in Britain, and has been grown in harmony with nature for thousands of years. Supplied to you fresh-

Good for your pet , good for the planet!


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