Pepper – ‘Hot Burrito’

  • Shiny red triangular peppers
  • Makes an interesting houseplant
  • Strong stable growth
  • Supplied as a well rooted plug plant
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Capsicum Annuum Hot Burrito

Will grow into a compact upright decorative bush up to 18 inches high sporting shiny red triangular fruits above dark green foliage. The small red chillis mature from green to blazing red approximately 2 inches long and are considered a moderately hot chilli pepper, perfect for adding extra spiciness to your cooking.

Can be grown indoors in a conservatory or sunny porch or windowsill.


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Pot on your plug plant using a good quality potting compost - eventually the full size plants will need a 30cm diameter pot. Grow in a warm greenhouse or sunny porch, conservatory or windowsill.
Once your plants reach a height of 20cm pinch out the growing tips to encourage bushing.
Feed fortnightly with a high potash tomato feed or the like changing to weekly once fruits appear. Never let the soil dry out but do not let the plants sit in water.
For peppers growing indoors it will help to 'hand pollinate' by brushing the pollen from one flower to another using a paintbrush or cotton bud.


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