Oxslip primula ‘Burgundy’


  • Deep burgundy flowers with yellow ‘eye’ borned on erect stems 
  • Spring flowering 
  • Fully hardy 
  • Easy and reliable growth 
  • Supplied as a well-rooted plug plant for growing on 


Primula elatior ‘Burgundy’ 

Multiple flowers in rich burgundy are borne on erect stems with this superb cultivar. Originating from the pale yellow wild oxslip, modern breeders have created this arresting variety with petals in a wonderful deep hue, set off perfectly with a bright yellow central ‘eye’. Established now, these trouble-free and hardy plants will give a fantastic spring display in baskets, containers and mixed borders, and in suitable conditions will reliably come back year after year. Add some classcolour to your seasonal displays with these easy to grow plants. 

Delivery Details

Will be delivered within 7-14 days

Ensure the rootball is hydrated by placing in a saucer of water for 15-20 minutes immediately on delivery, and then either plant into final position outdoors, if a sheltered location, or pot up into a small (10cm diameter) pot and grow on ins a sunny and sheltered spot through the autumn and winter, then plant out in final position in early Spring. Alternatively, perfect for planting straight into mixed decorative container displays. Prefers sheltered position in full/partial sun. Will gradually spread in favoured locations, with a final height/spread of 30x30cm for each plant.


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