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Known by some as the African daisy, there is nothing small or weedy about these plants. Large, bright and showy daisylike flowers are borne in profusion on low mound forming plants.
Short lived perennials which can actually survive outdoors in the UK in very sheltered spots, they are best grown in a frost free conservatory or Glasshouse through the winter months, and then planted out for seasonal colour after the last frosts.
We have sourced a selection of modern come out strong growing varieties come out which have intense colour, and flower throughout the summer months without the need for deadheading.
Supplied as well rooted plug plants, simply pot up, shelter through the Winter months, and look forward to a spectacular display next year.

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Pot up immediately on arrival into a small (10cm) pot, and place in an unheated glasshouse or conservatory. Keep moist, but not wet over winter, and plant out in spring after the last frost into its final position.

Prefers full sun and well drained soils - will even thrive in dry soil . Should return next year if kept in a frost free sheltered spot.


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