Muscari Latifolium

  • Dual Coloured “Grape Hyacinth”
  • Perfect spring flower
  • Voted as the International Flower Bulb Centre’s official bulb of the year 2005
  • Easy to care for and naturalises well
  • Supplied as top quality dutch bulbs
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Also know as the ‘Oxford & Cambridge Grape Hyacinth’due to its dual coloured flower spikes. Whilst standard muscari sport a uniform purple flower spike; ‘latifolium produces deep purple and blue balls on each spike which give more depth to group plantings.

Perfect for a woodland garden, the front of the border or containers. Beautiful spring flowers featuring conical grape-like clusters of purple and blue flower spikes. The flowers are long lasting too – adding colour to spring borders often for a whole month.

Spreads and naturalises prolifically

Supplied as top quality dutch bulbs ready for planting

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Delivered in 3-5 Working Days.

Plant 6cm deep during autumn. Plant in small clumps for maximum impact. Muscari thrive in sunny and shaded positions and are generally un-fussy. They will naturalise and spread easily. For best results, remove spent flowerheads to prevent seeding and propagate by division of clumps in summer when bulbs are dormant.
Flower in March/April; fully hardy. Will spread and multiply in favoured locations. Height/spread:15x10cm


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