Lockdown Week 2 – Spring Bulb Project – Creating a Spring Decorative Container

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  • 8 Striped Squill and 4 White Scilla
  • Early flowering – March/April 
  • Very hardy 
  • Plant in small clumps for maximum effect in borders, containers or grassed areas  
  • Supplied as 12 top quality bulbs
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Puschkinia libanotica
Striped Squill
, or Russian Snowpdrops 

Little known, but very pale blue star shaped flowers with a striking blue streak down the centre of the petals make these one of our Spring favourites. Deserving of its RHS Award, the early flowers add that spark of interest, demanding closer inspection and appreciation. Glossy green strap-leaves make the perfect backdrop, and these little plants are equally at home in a well-drained mixed border, in containers, or even naturalized in grass. Fully hardy, and can spread to form a carpet of colour, after the first snowdrops, but before many other bulbs really get going. 

Supplied as 8 top quality bulbs

White Scilla

The brilliant white form of the dainty ‘Siberian squill’ blooms just as early in the season, with little nodding heads of bell-shaped flowers flecked with light green at their centres. With glossy mid-green leaves, these lovely plants bring freshness to the front of mixed borders, woodland areas and are lovely in mixed decorative containers. 

Supplied as 4 top quality bulbs

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Plant 6 cm deep in small clumps 5-6cm apart, rather than singly, for maximum impact. Prefer well drained and rich soil, with at least partial sun. Flowers March/April. Especially good in mixed borders, containers and for naturalizing. Height/spread: Striped Squill 15x10cm / White Scilla 10x5cm


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