Lemon Balm ‘Fit’

  • Superb culinary herb with strong lemon aroma and flavour 
  • Makes fantastic herbal teas 
  • Easy to grow  
  • Fully hardy 
  • Supplied as a well rooted plug plant ready to pot on 
  • Final height 40cm. spread: as desired 
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Melissa officinalis ‘Fit’

Vibrant green foliage with a mind-bending lemony zing of aroma and flavour. This strong and easy to grow herb packs a real punch of citrus-like essential oils so is great for adding flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes, and is even better for pimping up summer cocktails!! It can also be added to potpourri mixes and to make a delicious herbal tea 

A bushy perennial plant with creamy flower spikes in the summer, it spreads by sending out horizontal roots, so best grown in containers, or in the ground within submerged large pots, to contain their growth. Trim regularly for fresh growth. 

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Ensure the rootball is fully hydrated by sitting in a saucer of water for 15-20 minutes immediately on delivery. Pot up into a small (approx.. 10cm) pot, using a good quality compost and watering in well. Overwinter outdoors in sheltered spot, and plant into final position in early Spring. Suitable for container growing, this plants spread by sending out underground lateral roots. If growing in borders, submerge a large (30cm or more) pot almost up to its rim and plant into that pot. This will contain the plants.

Keep well watered at all times, and feed and trim regularly to encourage fresh growth. Prefers partial sun to partial shade in sheltered position, with moist soil. Fully hardy.


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