Hyacinth ‘Blue Jacket’

  • Gorgeous deep blue hyacinth
  • Heavenly scented flowers
  • Easily naturalises in UK gardens
  • Supplied as premium dutch bulbs
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A wonderfully fragrant hyacinth with deep blue heavily fragranced blooms. Hyacinth ‘blue jacket’ performs fantastically in British gardens and will spread and naturalise when looked after. The large striking flowers grow up to 30cm tall and make a beautiful strongly fragranced cut flower too.

Supplied as top quality large dutch bulbs

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Plant hyacinth bulbs 10 cm deep 8cm apart during autumn in sunny borders or pots. Feed every couple of weeks with high potash feed such as liquid seaweed; in a wet year it is also helpful to protect the emerging flowers from excessive water to avoid the flowers rotting before they open. Remove the flower stems as they start to fade but leave the leaves to die back naturally. You can leave the hyacinths in the ground but be aware that over the years they will start to reduce in size and flower power. Alternatively, to maintain their strength, once the foliage has started to turn yellow, lift and store your bulbs in a cool, dry place and plant again the following autumn.

Take care and use gloves when handling hyacinths as their skins can cause itching
Height x spread 30 x 10cm


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