Hot Pepper ‘Container Collection’ – 3 Different Varieties


  • Specially selected trio of chilli peppers
  • Make interesting houseplants
  • Great for adding spice to cooking
  • Can last for years – see care instructions
  • Supplied as 3 plug plants for growing on

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A specially selected trio of chilli peppers perfect for growing indoors as a decorative bush and for eating.

Including the following varieties:

Capsicum Annuum Hot Burrito

Will grow into a compact upright decorative bush up to 18 inches high sporting shiny red triangular fruits above dark green foliage. The small red chillis mature from green to blazing red approximately 2 inches long and are considered a moderately hot chilli pepper, perfect for adding extra spiciness to your cooking.

Capsicum Annuum Red Temptation

Like it’s name suggests the shiny deep red fruits are very tempting to snack on. Up to 20 of these long (up to 6 inches) fruits are produced on each bush.
This pepper plant can be grown as an interesting houseplant displaying its wonderful long slim bright red fruits which have a unique sweetness with a mildly spicy aftertaste..

Capsicum Annuum Hot Fajita

Will grow into a compact upright decorative bush approximately 12 inches high with conspicuous 3-4 inch long red fruits hanging above dark green foliage. The red chillis mature from green to fiery red and are considered a medium hot (70,000 SHU) chilli pepper, perfect for adding extra zing to your cooking.


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Pot on your plug plant using a good quality potting compost - eventually the full size plants will need a 30cm diameter pot. Grow in a warm greenhouse or sunny porch, conservatory or windowsill.
Once your plants reach a height of 20cm pinch out the growing tips to encourage bushing.
Feed fortnightly with a high potash tomato feed or the like changing to weekly once fruits appear. Never let the soil dry out but do not let the plants sit in water.
For peppers growing indoors it will help to 'hand pollinate' by brushing the pollen from one flower to another using a paintbrush or cotton bud.
Can be overwintered indoors by cutting back all leaves and branches, leaving 10 inches of the central 'trunk'. Do not feed during winter and cut down on watering, only ensuring the compost does not dry out and is kept slightly damp. Keep on a sunny windowsill or conservatory


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