Honeysuckle ‘May Green’


  • Fantastic evergreen shrub
  • Extremely undemanding plant
  • Dense spreading habit – Ideal for hedging
  • Late summer berries attract songbirds
  • Supplied as a well rooted plug plant
Delivered in 3-5 Working Days.


Lonicera nitida ‘Maigrün’

A fantastic spreading hedging plant. The miniature oval vibrant green leaves form a densely bushy hedge up to 6 foot tall. Often used as hedging, this honeysuckle can also be pruned into shape as a delightful evergreen shrub – it’s dense habit makes it easy to clip into shape!

Small creamy lightly scented flowers appear in spring followed by dark purple berries in late summer which are highly attractive to songbirds.

Delivery Details

In stock for immediate dispatch

Delivered in 3-5 Working Days.

Pot up plug plant upon arrival. Plant into final position once established. Tolerates both full sun and part shade, prefers well draining soil. Prune to desired shape - responds well to hard pruning in late winter.
Spreading habit with an eventual height of around 6 feet.


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