Gazania x rigens ‘Siesta® F1 Frosty Mix’

  • Stunning ‘frosted’ green foliage
  • Grow as an annual or can be a perennial in warmer climbs
  • Repeat flowering throughout the summer
  • Great as a cut flower
  • Supplied as a small well rooted plug plants
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The saucer like flowers on this gazania are an impressive sight indeed. The ‘siesta frost mix’ variety so named due to their beautiful ‘frosted’ green foliage sport a mix of coloured blooms in bright yellows, oranges reds and whites.

This plant can be grown as an annual or if protected from frosts in more mild climates it can be planted as a perennial.

Will flower from early summer until the first frosts, as well as making a bold statement in pots and borders gazanias make an excellent ‘cut flower’ and the glossy green foliage will continue to supply flowers throughout the growing season.

Supplied as small well rooted plug plants

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Plant your plugs indoors on a sunny windowsill in a good quality potting compost. Do not over water but do not allow the compost to dry out. After the last frosts, gradually acclimatise the plants to the outdoors before planting in their final position in well drained soil in full sun.
Remove dead flowers as they fade to encourage more blooms. Will survive winter outdoors in mild areas. Although gazanias are drought tolerant, water in prolonged dry spells.


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