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Choose a set of seeds from our ‘Rare Herb Collection’ or our ‘Colourful Chilli Pepper Collection’. You will get 4 packets of seeds of different varieties of herb or chilli pepper.

Rare Herb Collection

This includes packets of the following easy to grow but difficult to find herbs:

Claytonia Perfollata

Also known as Winter Purslane or Miner’s lettuce this succulent salad green has recently re-gained popularity as a mixed salad leaf and for use steamed similar to Spinach.  The main attraction is its ease of cultivation and its productivity through the winter cold months when little else is growing.



Rocket – Cultivated Salad

An aromatic, peppery addition to any salad or garnish and milder than its wild cousin.   Best eaten when leaves are young, very easy to grow and can be ready to harvest in 25 days.



Giant Basil Napoletano Bolloso

One of the largest and most popular Italian leaf basils available with a much stronger flavour and heavier aroma than the regular Genovese Basil. The rich flavour of these mammoth hand sized leaves makes them perfect for serious pesto makers.



Corn Salad – Vit Lambs Lettuce

A reliable and productive gourmet French large-leaved variety of corn salad with rosettes of shiny, deep green leaves. Plants only reach 4 to 6 inches high and about 2 inches wide and are resistant to mildew.




Colourful Chilli Pepper Collection

This includes packets of 4 different types of hot peppers in red, yellow, orange and very difficult to find black colours!:

Hot Chilli Pepper Bird Eye Demon

A fantastic, extremely hot, dwarf variety that produces a prolific yield.  The flowers and upward pointing fruits start green and turn bright red and are produced throughout the season.




Hot Chilli Pepper Zimbabwe Black

The purple stained foliage and colourful hot chillies are stunning on this difficult to find hot pepper. The fruits ripen from a dark blackish purple to bright red giving Zimbabwe Black a striking appearance.




Pepper Hot – Lemon Drop

A popular hot seasoning pepper from Peru which is hard to obtain outside South America.  The robust plants are around 18-24 In Tall with 2 Inch long fruits that ripen from green to bright yellow.




Hot Chilli Pepper Habanero Orange

This incredibly hot pepper is around 40 times hotter than a Jalapeno. The small 1-inch long and 1 ½ inch wide pepper is wrinkled and thin-walled. It is acorn shaped and tapered at the end and grows on 36-inch high plants.



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