Easy Grow Potato Adessa®F1

  • Amazing new potato concept grown from true hybrid seeds
  • Good disease resistance
  • High yields of delicious elongated tubers
  • 3 months from planting til cropping

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This new variety of potato is nothing short of a revolution. Rather than growing from a tuber, these potatoes are grown from true hybrid seeds. Ten years of development have resulted in these faster growing, higher yielding, tastier cropping disease resistant potatoes.

3 plug plants can be potted up into a patio container and will yield 550g to 1250g of delicious elongated fleshy tubers in 3 months time!

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Pot up your plug plant in a 9cm pot or the like using a well draining potting compost. Do not over water but do not allow the compost to remain dry for too long between waterings. Once the root system has established in the pot you can plant out in its final position.
Prepare the planting area and fill the hole with 2 parts soil and 1 part soil improver and a sprinkle of general fertiliser. Water the root ball well and place into hole - firm in well and keep moist until established. Prefers full sun or part shade in moist but well drained soil or patio containers.
Eventual height and spread 80cm x 40 cm


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