Plectranthus amboinicus ‘Malibu’

  • Rare and fascinating plant 
  • Unique flavour for culinary use 
  • Dainty mauve flowers 
  • Grow as a houseplant 
  • Supplied a well rooted plug plant ready for potting up 
  • Tender perennial 
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Cuban Origano ‘Malibu’

An extremely unusual plant that’s sure to get everyone buzzing. A spreading succulent best grown as a houseplant during the cooler months, it has fleshy and highly aromatic leaves which when bitten into give a truly unique flavour experience! First comes spiciness, followed then by heat, ending with a hint of thyme. Refreshing, tangy, and certainly different, the list of recipe ideas offers a whole new world of taste! Also produces dainty spikes of intricate mauve flowers for added interest, making it a stunning little decorative plant in its own right. 

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Pot up into a small (approx. 10cm) pot using a good quality compost with added horticultural grit or sand to aid drainage. Place on sunny windowsill indoors and keep moist but not wet. Pot on into final container in spring - can be placed in a sheltered position outdoors each summer for improved growth. Feed occasionally and pinch out to encourage fresh growth; re-pot as necessary.


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