Creeping Thyme – Thymus praecox ‘Creeping Red’


  • Visually stunning variety – carpets of bright red flowers
  • Highly scented – Excellent culinary herb
  • Prefers sheltered, free-draining and sunny conditions
  • Supplied as a well-rooted plug plant
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An extremely decorative variety of creeping thyme which as well as the strong aromatic fragrance which makes thyme into the wonderful culinary herb we all recognise; this variety creates a visually stunning carpet of bright red flowers

Perfect for rockeries, decorative containers and pots in sunny positions.

Supplied as a well rooted plug plant

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Delivered in 3-5 Working Days.

Care instructions

Unpack immediately on arrival and ensure rootball is fully hydrated by immersing in a saucer of water for 15-20 mins.

Plant into a 9 or 10cm diameter pot, preferably using a loam-based (‘John Innes’) compost, or add 10% horticultural grit sand to improve drainage.

Grow outdoors in a sunny and sheltered position. Plant into its final position in mid-Autumn. Suitable for container-growing or free-draining soils- add horticultural grit sand before planting to improve drainage.