Cowslip ‘Solaris Gold’ F1


  • A modern take on the traditional and much loved British wildflower 
  • Bright flowers on upright stems with fresh green foliage rosettes below 
  • Wildlife friendly – an early source of nectar 
  • Supplied as a well-rooted plug plant ready for growing on 


Primula veris  ‘solaris gold’ 

A muchimproved garden cultivar of the beautiful and much-loved wild ‘cowslip primula’ which carpet hedgerows throughout the British Isles. With the same clusters of delicate flowers on erect stems in early spring, but much more vigorous and floriferous and with intense colour, these gorgeous plants will light up Spring mornings, either tucked in amongst other plantings, or given pride of place in your wildlife area or decorative container displays. An important source of early season nectar to bees and butterflies and traditionally picked to adorn May-Day garlands, you’ll more likely want to leave these beautiful flowers in situ, either naturalized in grassy areas, dotted at the front of borders. Will spread  

Delivery Details

Will be delivered within 7-14 days

Ensure the rootball is hydrated by placing in a saucer of water for 15-20 minutes immediately on delivery, and then either plant into final position outdoors, if a sheltered location, or pot up into a small (10cm diameter) pot and grow on ins a sunny and sheltered spot through the autumn and winter, then plant out in final position in early Spring. Alternatively, perfect for planting straight into mixed decorative container displays. Prefers sheltered position in full-partial sun. Will gradually spread in favoured locations, providing carpets of colour in years to come


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