Chilli Pepper Capsicum Annuum ‘Salsa Mix’

  • Pointed, cone-shaped, intensely coloured fruits above dark green foliage
  • Makes an interesting houseplant
  • Strong stable growth
  • Fast growing variety
  • Supplied as a plug plant for growing on
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This hot chili pepper plant can be grown as a houseplant displaying its intensely coloured cone shaped fruits above lush dark green foliage which can also be harvested once ripened and used to give your cooking a spicy kick.

You will enjoy watching the fruits form and change colour from green to yellow and red.

Can be grown indoors in a conservatory or sunny porch or windowsill.


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Delivered in 2-4 working days.

Pot on your plug plant using a good quality potting compost - eventually the full size plants will need a 30cm diameter pot. Grow in a warm greenhouse or sunny porch, conservatory or windowsill.
Once your plants reach a height of 20cm pinch out the growing tips to encourage bushing.
Feed fortnightly with a high potash tomato feed or the like changing to weekly once fruits appear. Never let the soil dry out but do not let the plants sit in water.
For peppers growing indoors it will help to 'hand pollinate' by brushing the pollen from one flower to another using a paintbrush or cotton bud.


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