Chamaedorea elegans – ‘Parlour Palm’


  • Popular indoor palm
  • Mini size – good for terrariums
  • Exceptionally easy to care for
  • Graceful arching fronds
  • Supplied as a well rooted plug plant


The parlour palm is known as such due to the Victorians growing these in their ‘parlours’ where they would entertain guests. It is amongst the easiest of houseplants to grow with high tolerance to low light and low humidity levels.

The attractive growth and undemanding characteristics of chamaedorea elegans make it a very popular houseplant. They are quite slow growing and will attain a height of around 2 if grown as a potted houseplant.

As these plants are supplied as a mini version and are quite slow growing, they are one of the few palms suitable for a terrarium.

Supplied as a well rooted plug plant ready for potting up or planting in a terrarium

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Will be shipped within 7 working days.

Place in a bright warm location but not in direct sun or next to a radiator.
Water regularly during spring and summer - if you live in a 'hard water' area then it's best to use rain water. Let the top 1cm of soil dry out between waterings. Reduce watering during the winter months. These plants need humidity so mist the leaves regularly, or stand on a pebble tray. Perfect for placing in a terrarium due to its slow growth rate


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