Campanula ‘Elizabeth Oliver’

  • Mound forming hardy alpine
  • Profusion of thimble like dainty flowers throughout summer
  • Easy to care for low maintenance plant
  • Recipient of prestigious RHS ‘Garden Merit’ award
  • Supplied as well rooted plug plant
  • Height x spread: 10 x 45cm

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These ‘Fairies Thimbles’ produce mounds of spreading dainty, double, light-blue flowers throughout the  summer. They are an ideal flower for planting at the front of raised beds, rockeries, walls, steps and mixed containers.

The delicate rose shaped flowers make a them a particularly good companion plant to fill spaces under rose bushes.

A hardy easy to care for mound forming alpine which will delight you with its dainty flowers for years to come.

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Campanulas do best in light shade between taller perennials, plant this small variety near the front of borders or containers.
Pot up your plug plant into a 9cm pot and grow under cover until it has fully rooted through when it will be ready for planting out in final position. Whilst growing under cover ensure that the compost remains damp and it will benefit from weekly feeds with a general purpose fertiliser. Easy to grow and requires little attention once established - just cut back when flowering has finished. Forms thick clumps that can be divided.


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