Calathea Makoyana – ‘Peacock Plant’


  • Peacock ‘Prayer Plant’
  • Stunning peacock-like leaves
  • Great terrarium plant
  • Easy to care for
  • Supplied as an XL plug plant
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Also known as the ‘prayer plant’ due to its interesting habit of curling its leaves at night which gives the appearance of hands placed in supplication. Calathea Makoyana is a real gem and quite rightly known as ‘the peacock plant due to its stunning striped foliage. The ornate green leaves are stunningly contrasted against their dark purple undersides. Many prayer plants fade and die when grown as a houseplant due to their requirement for high humidity, this actually makes them ideal for growing in terrariums where high levels of humidity are naturally present – your prayer plant will really thrive and it can be kept small enough to be a terrarium centerpiece by the limiting size of the container and by occasional pruning.

Supplied as a XL plug plant

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This plant will thrive in a warm bright room out of direct sunlight.
Must be grown in a high humidity environment so makes an ideal terrarium plant. If grown as a houseplant a moisture pebble tray is a must. Cut down on watering during the dormant winter months.
Feed every once or twice during spring and summer


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