Beluga® Sweet Red Bell Pepper

  • Sweet red bell peppers
  • Versatile variety – can be grown outdoors
  • Strong stable growth
  • Supplied as a plug plant for growing on

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This versatile pepper plant can be grown under glass and outdoors. You can expect good yields of sweet red bell peppers.

Supplied as a well rooted plug plant


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Pot on your plug plant using a good quality potting compost - eventually the full size plants will need a 30cm diameter pot. Grow under glass or outdoors.
Once your plants reach a height of 20cm pinch out the growing tips to encourage bushing.
If you want to grow them outdoors on a sunny patio slowly acclimatise them hardening them off over a few days before leaving them outside over night.
Feed fortnightly with a high potash tomato feed or the like changing to weekly once fruits appear. Never let the soil dry out but do not let the plants sit in water.
For peppers growing in a greenhouse it will help to 'hand pollinate' by brushing the pollen from one flower to another using a paintbrush or cotton bud.


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