Asplenum Nidus ‘Bird’s Nest Fern’

  • Striking sub-tropical fern
  • Supplied as perfect size for planting in terrariums
  • Easy to care for
  • Supplied as well rooted plug plant
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An evergreen sub tropical fern which forms striking rosettes of bright green strap-like leaves.

Can be grown indoors as an impressive houseplant with fronds up to 3 feet long or due to its humidity loving nature makes a perfect terrarium plant and can be kept small by limited size of growing container and occasional pruning.

Supplied as well rooted plug plant ready for potting up or planting directly into your terrarium

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Delivered in 3-5 Working Days.

Keep indoors away from drafts and radiators - these plants like indirect light.
Keep the soil moist at all times - better to water the substrate rather than pouring water into the rosette as this can cause mould.
Perfect for growing in a terrarium and can be grown out of the substrate as an epiphyte (plants which grown on other plants)
Feed with a diluted houseplant fertiliser once a month during the growing season from March - July


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