Anthurium Andraeanum ‘Diamond Red’

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  • Deep red heart shaped flowers
  • Perfect for Valentines gift
  • Easy to care for
  • Flowers repeatedly throughout the year
  • Supplied as an 7cm potted plant
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Anthuriums have become one of the most popular flowering houseplants in recent years. They are easy to care for and given the right conditions they will flower in repeated 3 month cycles. The ‘Diamond Red’ variety we have selected has luxurious red heart shaped flowers making it the perfect Valentines Day gift.

Supplied as a 7 cm potted plant

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This plant loves warm humid conditions and should be placed in a bright room but avoid direct sunlight.
Water at least once a week and during warm weather twice a week. These plants benefit from leaf misting and water filled pebble trays.
Feed every 2-4 weeks when it's in flower


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