Ananas ‘Corona’

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  • Curious unusual plant
  • Will be a talking point
  • Easy to care for
  • Comes with a mini non-edible ‘pineaple’
  • Supplied as an 12cm potted plant
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A real show stopper of a plant, this curious member of the bromeliad family will certainly be a point of interest in your home. The ornamental ‘pineapple’ growing from the top of the plant is purely ornamental – it is NOT edible!

This plant will grow up to 3 feet high and form a dense rosette of leaves with a 3 foot diameter, as it is native to South America they do best when grown in a warm sunny spot.

Supplied as a 12 cm potted plant

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This plant will thrive on a warm sunny windowsill - although it is advisable to supply some shade from the brightest midday sun which may scorch the leaves.
Water well but allow to dry out between waterings. Cut down on watering during the dormant winter months.
Feed every 2-4 weeks during spring and summer


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