Aloe Humilis With Flower Stalk

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  • Easy to care for succulent
  • Low growing clump forming
  • Flowering Aloe
  • Supplied as an 8.5cm potted plant
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A low growing clump forming succulent from the ‘aloe’family. The name ‘humilis’ is latin for lowly and is the root of the English word ‘humble’ and refers to the low growing habit of this plant.

Aloe humilis is an easy to care for interesting houseplant which will send up a tall flag pole like flower spike each spring with red/orange flowers if cared for properly. The plant you are buying has the flower stalk already which should flower shortly!

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This succulent will thrive on a warm sunny windowsill - although it is advisable to supply some shade from the brightest midday sun which may scorch the leaves.
Water sparingly and allow to dry out between waterings. Cut down on watering during the dormant winter months.
Young plants can be self propagated when they are sent out on shoots by the mother plant. Plant them in some succulent potting substrate. Feed once or twice a year in late spring and early summer.


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